Happy to meet again:

I and my girlfriend went out for drive on one Saturday morning. My main purpose wasn’t fishing, but as always, I had my favorite creek rod #000. This month is Korea’s vacation season, and there will be so many people on the road either heading to ocean or to creeks picnicking, wresting, and playing in the water trying to cooling down from the hot weather. I left my home knowing all that and I was just hopping to enjoy my day with my friend relaxing and maybe eating good country side food. When we found a restaurant right next to the creek and sitting down outside wooden platform, we saw so many family playing in the creek water. Seeing that, right away I gave up the fishing. After a good lunch, there was a little rain and I asked my girlfriend to drive up slight higher to get away from the people. There was one are that less people were in the water. We parked the car and went down to the water. For half an hour, I couldn’t get any feedback from the water. One area that we saw one family put up the camp, but I saw no people moving: I suppose they were taking a nap. It was a quiet moment. I slowly walked up to the creek near the camp and I throw my first cast. There, I met a small Yullmok trout. It has been almost 3 to 4 months that I haven’t seen them. I was quiet happy to meet again.


  1. I want to catch 열목어 too, but you just take me to catch 황어 and 갈견이...

  2. I knew you are going to say that. You wouldn't believe how many people you will run into in that creek if we we were to go there last time which was prime vacation season. We can still check it out after vacation season.