last year, 2011 at Mt. Fuji in japan.

I went fishing in a small lake at Mt. Fuji in japan
, with my friends mr Song and mr Heo.

The lake was small, but beautiful.
It was first snowing on that day.
but the weather was not cold,
so we were having such a good time.
there are big size rainbow trout and brown trout.

And we had a wonderful time last night in akasaka at tokyo,
enjoyed having rice wine and such delicious food.

the small lake with first snow.

having a talk at small guest lodge.

the whiskey with a beautiful watercolor painting of flyfishing.
The taste is perfect.

from the left me, mr heo, mr song, mr yamasiro.

Mr yamasiro is owner of bamboo fly rod shop "tsuruya",

The tsuruya is most old and traditional shop in japan.

A small restaurant in Akasaka.

Shorinji in akasaka


  1. 나도 speyside 위스키 사 마셔야지...

  2. You know where to go to eat real Janpanese food and 맛있는 시원한 정종 (Sake). 왠지 사진의 느낌이 꿈같은 그럼 느낌이에요. 다음에 저도 한국에 있을때 같이 가지요.

  3. 네, 눈과 레인보우 그리고
    좋은 분들과 함께 마시니까
    더 맛있고 기뻤어요.

  4. 조나단님과 함께 했어야 했는데
    하는 아쉬운 마음이 들었어요.

    다음에 꼭 같이 가요.

    토쿄 아카사카 뒷골목
    작은 술집의 사케도 너무 좋았지요...ㅎㅎ