A good day at the Blue River.

I fished the Blue River in Wisconsin (my favorite WI creek) from 9am to 1pm today. The trout must have been very hungry over the winter. I even caught two fat hatchery trout... funny enough it was the first fish and the last fish of the day. I thought they had nice colors for a hatchery trout. I stopped taking pictures of the fish after a while, it was getting ridiculous.

I am certainly going to miss all of this when I move. A good day indeed.

* put those hatchery trout on the bank for only a second to snap a photo. I couldn't hold it up and not have it wiggle out of my hand. I put some water on the grass before I place them there, but they were happy to get back into water.


  1. Sweet! I can picture you smiling ear to ear when you caught that big rainbow. Welcome back out of winter hybernation.

  2. those are some true pig bows, stockers or not. makes me rethink my destination this weekend

  3. Thanks man, I needed that kick to get me out of hibernation. Prior to that smile is the "oh shit, don't lose this fish" face.

    Blake, I love the Big Green, Castle Rock and all the regular big fish spots but I have always found the quiet at Blue River and Otter Creek attractive for me. As you know well, both are small so you have to get there early, not enough room for many anglers there. At Blue, walking up stream from parking lot, I caught lots fish just prior to first fence and most between first fence & 2nd fence. Both of the pig bows were caught at the bridge next to parking lot. A nice small river. Have fun, and as always, looking forward to your reports.

  4. 대박! You need that sometimes. I even feel great to see a lot of fishes like that.

  5. Awesome! I miss it so. When do you move?

  6. I thought of you mrlee, and I took additional photos of landscape because I thought you might miss it.

    It will be in the summer, after kids get out of school. We have a lot to talk about, between you, me, and ksanchun. Ready for Hawaii?

  7. wow ... 대박이군요.

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