Warm Wishes for my Friends

It's hard to believe it's already the end of 2011. It's not a feeling that the year went by any faster, it just feels like with all the giant changes happening all around the world, I should have also been doing something (although I'm not sure if more or less). Watching these changes makes me feel hopeful, fearful, ashamed, small, connected and old at the same time. Maybe this is just part of reaching midlife, noticing the waves of change around me, wondering (and worrying) how those changes will affect the world my children will live in. Maybe it's something more simple, like the fact that I fished a lot less than I should/could have, which provided too much time to dive into the crap, none of which made me any more informed or wiser. All I know is that spending way more time in airports than on streams isn't good for me.

I am deeply thankful for a lot of things. Above all my family, our health, and time with good friends. This year, I'm espcially thankful that I was there when my son caught his first cherry trout, that I had a chance to fish in Colorado, and that I got to catch some steelheads for the first time. I guess it's such moments that I will remember about the year (and all the times I got drunk with Soboro). I look forward to 2012 ... like a stream that changes with each season, I hope next year will be filled with lots of good changes that we can laugh out loud about.

I wish you & your family the best in 2012. Thank you for being such great friends.

Happy Holidays.


  1. Think about similar things lately. I also thank god that I am where I am with family and freinds. Just got to try harder to spend more quality time with family and friends in the short future.