Beginning of New Experience

Since my last saltwater fishing trip, I've tried to tie some flies for stripers. Surf candy is to be exact. The first one I've tied as seen below came out like a fat goldfish with a long tail. Eventually I was able to simulate the fly good enough to fool a striper so I hoped...

With much anticipation along with my newly tied flies, I hit the beach by 4am last sunday only to find that the section where I needed to be is barricaded with a park ranger on guard.

I've decided to stay and practice cast as I know I will be coming back first thing next spring. Striper season is officially over as of this week but I am glad that I was able to take my first step to new fishing venture I am sure I will enjoy.


  1. it's that promise of what's to come that makes it so engaging and keeps it interesting. Can't wait to learn this fishing from you one day.

  2. I've been wanting to check out ocean fishing ever since Gone Fishing did fishing in Island. And Charles' effort this season inspired me a lot, so I went out and got myself rod and reel for salt water fishing. I also been checking out spots for next year. I heard that there are some areas that do shore fly fishing here too. I will check it out sometime and give report.

  3. ksanchun,

    Check out this guys site

    he lives in los gatos and looks like the master of surf fishing in your area

  4. Niiiiice!! I can't wait to see some west coast saltwater species.