Closing Statement

2011 fishing experience has been particularly good to me as I think I made the most improvement with my fishing skill. The most of my fishing hours were spent on this small mountain creek in New Jersey with one specific pattern (Ausable Bomber) mainly to improve my casting skill.

Come to think of it, I've started the season at this creek and I fished it yesterday to be my last fishing trip of the year makes this creek somewhat special for me.

I pretty much had a whole creek all to myself. Not even a single hiker to be seen on trails leading to the creek.

I hope everyone made their good fishing memoirs this year as I have and hope to see you guys next year with even bigger smiles (from fishing of course) from pictures you will post.



  1. that looks amazing for December! nice work

  2. Man, I can't believe that it's already the end of the year. It's been a interesting year for sure, some in good and some in not so good ways. It's nice that you found your secret spot, and what a beautiful place it is. It's always nice to have a place like that, be it a fishing spot, a friend, or wherever you find peace.

  3. Nicely put my friend! Wherever we are, we find ourselves space to satisfy, space to fish and space to live.

  4. Yup. Outside of my fishing experience, this year was like a roller coaster ride for me and extremely lucky to have an outlet to channel my bad karma...

    Have a wonderful holidays boys!!!