kushkokwim mountains to the sea

Fly fisherman, photographer, and all around good guy Danimal went on an unsupported Alaskan float with his brother-in-law this summer just to prove that $5000/week lodges are a waste of time. Dan sent me a slew of fantastic photos of his voyage and I chose several to share with the club. We hung out last week in Colorado and he gave me many details of the trip like how long he went, the name of the river, and how much it cost; those details just slipped my mind as I thought about myself wading among thousands of salmon without anyone within a hundred miles. I propose a club outing one day to the wilds of Alaska, where we can have have Danimal show us the ropes of fishing and keep us from getting mauled. Thanks Dan.....

Dan and Cman were dropped of high in the river system by float plane and spent several days drifting, catching, and no doubt drinking..

He told me that the grizzlies were everywhere but being stuffed on salmon left them to go about their business..

There were lots of fish to catch including sockeye and char. The real quarry however were the wild and native rainbows following the sockeye..

Alaska: the last great place.


  1. I dream of being there one day. Let's make it happen.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip MrLee. Then back to subways and lots of people.