Colorado report 1: Rocky Mountain High

I just returned home from visiting MrLee's home state with FishFinder. All trips to such destination fishing spots are exciting, but being there with close friends makes it truly memorable. MrLee had a well detailed & personalized trip planned for us, right down to each special meal. We stayed a night in Denver to fish the mountain creeks for cut throats and then quickly moved onto the DM Ranch. The shortness of breath from the high altitude was something I needed to get used to, and I drank more water each day than I've ever did. Being our first fishing visit to Colorado, MrLee made sure we try different types of Colorado waters... mountain creeks, streams in the meadows, and even a lake. It's hard to believe that we managed to squeeze in so much variety in 4 days. Enjoo cooked up some sam-kyup-sal & Jjigae the second night to make us feel home (thank you!) and there is no better place to have some buffalo meals than in Colorado. Nara may be too young to remember this trip, but I am sure she will later appreciate the fact that she was on such beautiful fishing trips.

The snow capped mountains in the far distance really gave me a different perspective on space, and I tried to remember when is the last time I looked so far into the distance. As I fished some of the places, I secretly wished I would run into John Gierach, so I could ask him permission to translate his book. Each landscape moment was mesmerizing, and FishFinder and I stood there in deep agreement about the beauty of this land. The fishing was good and all of us hooked into some nice fish. However, it is one of those trips where the friends, landscape, and experience takes up so much of your heart, fishing becomes secondary. That's good in a way, it will ensure that the next trip here can be all about fishing.

Thank you guys for a great trip. See you again real soon.


  1. finally, you guys gather togather at colorado.
    you guys look so good togather.

    great valleys and beautiful scenery, and nice spot, good bar.....

    I'm envious of you guys.

  2. Nice report! I will write about the clear creek when I get home tonight. Going back to work sucks....

  3. some great photos I didn't even know about! And that cutt is one of the nicest I've seen definitely not mixed with a bow.

  4. 형이 왔으면 완벽 했을텐데...다음에 여기든 어디든 같이 가자.