Dispatch from the frying pan

took the family up to Aspen for a few days and fished the famous frying pan river for a morning of shear frustration. The fish were everywhere. In the run in the picture below there must have been over a hundred trout actively feeding on several species of tiny flies. I mean tiny. The fish I caught were on size 24 blue wing olive emergers, but most of the fish just ignored me. I hooked well over 20 trout; however, most of the fish went on eating without any attention to my offerings. I've had some truly spectacular days on the pan and some incredibly frustrating ones. It's amazing to look down into a pool and see hundreds of fish that barely pay any attention to you. The river was healthy and people were fishing everywhere.


  1. I'd love to see that many fish in a pool. I'd love to catch some of them. I'd like to stand in a river and hold a fish like that. Soon...

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time back home with your family. See you soon in Seoul.

  3. ...A great opportunity for mrlee,
    have a lovely holiday at home.