Colorado report 2: Cutthroat Creek

As GF mentioned in the previous post, this trip will be remembered for many things. Since GF did great job describing the trip in overall sense, I will write about one particular trip to a local stream which was not too far from where Mrlee grew up.

One thing you immediately notice about this particular creek is how close it is to the major highway you just got off of. You can hear roaring tires echoing through the valley. Not my idea of fishing in Colorado but, the sheer beauty of the creek eventually takes over and let you block out the noise and help you get lost in fishing.

This is a cutthroat creek with gin clear water running through it. Cutthroat is native species in Colorado. My first encounter with the species! I guess there is certain amount of anticipation and excitement that comes with catching the first of its kind as I found myself jittering with excitement. They are known to be the easiest trout to catch with hook and line and the statement was correct as I met many of them cutts.

The weather wasn’t optimal as rain turned into hail and eventually to snow with nasty wind accompanying the elements. With Mrlee’s help, I was able to catch them with hopper dropper rig in the beginning. As long as you maintained dead drift, they went for your fly without any hesitation. I’ve notices that the cutts’ reaction to flies is similar to brookies I catch back in the Northeast streams which is fast and furious. Especially with dry flies, I’ve noticed them shooting up to take my ausable bomber from their deep bottom comfort zone in a blink of an eye. After a few premature set, I was able to time their takes and eventually had a proper introduction with the kind.

High altitude definitely took a toll with my breathing. I guess aging is also a factor as I’ve been here before to snowboard in younger days and never had a problem with the altitude sickness.

This creek will stay in my heart for a long time not only because it is my first encounter with the cutts but I felt like a real fly fisherman for the first time as all my learning and practices came into hand naturally. Of course, being with right company made it that much more special.

Thanks guys for a great trip to remember, especially Mrlee for awesomely customized trip!!!


  1. you'll never drink a coors again without thinking of that creek. those cuts probably have a thing for the silver bullet.

  2. shit, I found myself staring at the mountain on the Coors can last night...thinking...I was close to that mountain on that can, catching fish.

  3. 현철아, 읽고 있으니까 완전히 딱 그 순간이다. 좋다.

    FF - You and me both, them fish were pretty fast. You'll definately have to give me some pointers on fast creek mending next time we fish, that double throw mend was pretty impressive. And yes damn it, make me bunch of them bombers.

    BTW, I took one of your bomber fly and yes, I am making duplicates as I write this.

  4. I will be reminiscing about this trip for awhile. And yes, I will drink coors from now on.