box full of crap...

Upon returning from my last trip, I was determined to clean out my fly boxes and reorganize with a clean sheet. I found myself standing next to the river with 4 fly boxes full of flies, and still paralized like a zombie, just staring into the box and thinking... shit I don't have the right fly. I took all the flies out of every box I had, put them into the fly storage boxes and now I'm trying to re assemble the fresh fly boxes. Problem is that I was really eager when I started fly tying & I tied on boxes full of flies... the really ugly kind ... that don't looklike they will catch fish. Maybe all fly fishermen go through this once in their fly tying journey...ending up with lots of flies you don't ever use. I should probably throw it all away and start fresh by tying "good" flies that I'll actually use, but the frugal side of me won't allow that. So I was wondering how you guys organize...

- what is your way to organize a fly box? size, type, ?? My aim is efficieny...
- should I keep flies in the storage boxes and assemble the 'carry box' each time I go out?
- how many boxes do you carry on a single day trip?

I am entering a new stage here with fly boxes... it may end up ultra efficient or it might end up me on the river with no fly to catch any fish. Either way, I am determined to trim down on the flies I carry. Thoughts?


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  2. I carry a midge/blue wing/trico box, a small mayfly and caddis box, an attractor/ large dry box, a terrestrial box, a nymph box, and small streamer/large nymph box for trout fishing. I have found this organization tosuit me well for carrying just about everything. but if I had to fishwith one it would be the nymph box with a couple of big drys on the side.

  3. thanks, this helps. At least I have an idea how to group & structure the box. Now my goal is to get those groups into a compact as space/ box as possible...I'll update when I get the new box done.

    Definately need to work on my presentation for sure, as Ksanchun always says when we're fishing in the creeks, "you're not catching blue gills, they are trout". Mend, mend, mend! Thanks.

  4. Seriously though. Take only few flies next time and see what happens.