Good things come in package

Motivated by Long's last trip (click here to view), I pulled out my map collections and continue on exploring lesser known streams in the Catskills.  Wasn't sure if the recent storm would have any effect on the fishing condition so I've selected three streams (all within 15 miles radius) with steep terrain hoping such geographic condition will drain the water faster.
After two hours of driving with anticipation, I found a patch of grassed parcel along the gravel road, barely big enough to park my car.
Off the bat, I was feeling it. The stream seemed so fishy, well shaded and moving fast... Without any thoughts, I tied an ausable bomber to my 6' 1wt rod and hurried into the stream.  First cast and with a blink of an eye, a brookie greeted my awkward drifting bomber with an explosive strike.

It seemed like every pools or runs contained eager and hungry brookies.
The big tail of this fish gave my 1wt rod the workout

The bomber took so much abuse, it had to retire after countless attacks.
The eager trouts made me stop fishing this stream a lot shorter than I've planned. For them to be so easy simply took the  whole challenging aspect of fly fishing out of the equation. I've never thought that the stupid fishing can be boring... But wasn't complaining.  Figure I will visit my eager friends when I need my confidence boosted one day...
After a short ride, I've arrived to my next destination.  A tiny creek feeding another tiny creek.  It's entrance is a 10' road bridge with covered with the vegetation. If it wasn't planned, I would probably pass these types of water without thinking much of it.
The grade was very steep and contained many small waterfalls which filled with incredibly clear water.  I couldn't believe how beautiful the stream was and hoping there will be trout in it to complete the picture.  Went passed many waterfalls and runs without any takes.  Started to think this stream is one of many misses I've had, then I saw a spooked trout darting away in a distance I didn't think that the fish can see me.
The brookies in this stream were completely opposite of their neighboring brookies from the previous stream.  They required stealth approach, dead drift,  and patience which made it a lot more challenging.  After working the stream with every knowledge I've obtained to fish clear water trout, a beautiful brookie took my fly with a sip, not explosive strike.  It's funny how a same specie of fish will act completely different based on their surroundings.

I only caught only one other brookie after the first one but this stream provided me with another skill set to add to my experience. I wanted to press on upstream but I wanted to stick to the plan and finish off the day with the third stream which was located only a few miles. Definitely will have to come back to this stream to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

When I arrived to my car, I've opened my truck's hatch and unloaded all my gears  and closed the hatch only to realize that I locked myself out.  Dumass!!!  I couldn't make it to the third stream as planned but I couldn't stop smiling during my noisy ride back to my house.


  1. lots of fishing in one day! looks like you had a great time. Fantastic brookies as well - all gorgeous. Did you really break your car window?...oh boy.

  2. Long, the trip started as a recon trip as the forecast indicated for 1/2" rain but turned out sunny the most of the day. So glad that there are so many streams to explore.

  3. Damn nice brookies. Dammn shame about your new car window. Ouch!

  4. I don't thik the stupid easy fishing boring, instead i think it takes the edge off. It allows you to relax after you get tired of catching. To lok around and enjoy the scenery more and take time to think about your life. For that I am thankful for the stupid brookies. They are a gift.

  5. GF, this is not the first time breaking my car window and I'm sure it will not be the last.

    Lee, you are right. One should slow down when fishing get hot to appreciate the whole experience. It's just that when you can catch one without looking at your fly was a little too much. :D sorry for rubbing it in...