Building of Wooden Kayak

It's been about 5 years since I've built the last wooden kayak.  I've purchased this kayak kit for wonjae a few years back but never got around to get at it until this weekend (Sorry wonjae!).  I guess I got too tired of looking at the unopened box lying around in my garage.

The kit is manufactured by Chesapeake Light Craft co.  You will need to add some of your elbow grease and about 100+ hours, but the process of building a kayak can be very therapeutic.    Tedious and repetitive nature of the boat building process will let you forget about everything.
When I first built the kayak shown above, wasn't sure if it would float so I had one of my less favorite adventurous friend take it for spin and the result was astonishing.  Not only it floated but had a true-tracking performance as well.  
I will continue to put up progress of making this kayak and yes wonjae, you will get to use it once it's done!


  1. This is awesome on so many levels. I lovve boats.

  2. Charles, thank you and thank you. We can stand together and look at your work over some beers in a few days. I'm heading to NYC tomorrow with the family and will be in town for about a week. See you soon brother.

  3. Thanks for the heads up a hole! I presume you can sneak out at least one day? See you soon.

  4. Thanks Lee really looking forward to hook up with you this summer.