Fishing with life long friend

Yoonho and I've come a long way as anglers and friends.  We had been fishing together since 2008. Not very long time considering we've been friends for 25 years.  I am truly grateful the fact that we are able to maintain our friendship regardless of our differences.  Particularly in politics. ;p

If I have to pick only one person to fish with, I wouldn't hesitate to pick Yoonho.  The fact that we can be as silly and goofy as we can be together while we are fishing makes him the perfect candidate. All the  cheesy acts and comments to one another makes any of our trip together something to cherish even long after the trip.  As I write this blog, things we've said and did (too embarrassed to mention in public) brings a smile to my face.
 Yoonho was able to take a day off from the family and able to fish with me on a small stream.
 Off the bet, Yoonho landed a hefty brown.
 Made our way up to the top watching each other fishing thinking how I am so much better than Yoonho...

 It was very intriguing the fact we've caught unusually big browns for this stream.

 Yoonho thoroughly enjoyed the hiking aspect of the fishing.

It is very disappointing the fact that you now live out of the state.  However, through this trip, I can see our friendship growing stronger and more maturely. Good to fishing with you again and hope to see you and your lovely family soon. 


  1. small stream, big brown....awesome!

  2. Charles, thank you for so many things this trip. The kids and Hyuna can't stop talking about the fishing trip and the fantastic dinner. It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years, but it has been and I thought about that once more as I drove past the Brooklyn bridge today. Thinking about our first years at Pratt, the painting classes, and mental explorations we took in philosophy and art. I thought about our differences in politics and how it's great that we can disagree with such certainty but knowing we wouldn't have it any other way. It's funny, I guess friends do think alike as I was also thinking " Charles really likes fluffy compliments about his cast, I'll keep doing it today and see when he figures me out". We have a lot of history my friend, the most among any friends I have. Stay healthy and I'll try to do that same, after all - we'll need each other to trash talk even more so when we're 70 years old. Who else will fluff compliment your casts when you're that old other than me ;-)

  3. Amen Brother! Get yourself the volt package.