Entertainment. With some salt on it...

I had a pleasure to entertain Vanessa, Diana, Jay and John during their visit to NY with some boating and fishing. We could't have ask for better weather for both days.

 Seeing smiles on their faces made the trip so much more enjoyable...
 With a brief instruction how to fish with the baitcasting setup, they were on a roll with many species the bay had to offer.

Seeing them growing to be fine young ladies, I had a glimpse of what it is to be a parent. Vanessa and Diana, you guys ROCK!My men Jay and John ready to show their fishing skills.

John's first catch! The dog fish gave him a hell of fight.  A little bit of blood added more excitement.

Of course, Jay couldn't let this one go without feeling every square inches of the fish...

John caught the biggest fluke of the day. A proud trophy shot!

Yoonho, you must be a proud father as you and Hyunah did an amazing job with the boys. I had a blast with you guys!!!


  1. You are a true captain and a friend. Thank you for showing the kids such a great time. 현아에게 너가 우리 클럽 회장 이라고 하니까 막 웃으면서 둘이 짜고 치는 고스톱이냐고 하더라.

  2. 짜고친들 어떠냐. 재밌으면 되지...