Standing at the river banks of my new home.

Our family arrived here in Seoul and I stood at the Han River bank the following afternoon.  Although Seoul is a familiar place for me, it will take some getting used to after being away for more than six years.  Living in an apartment, being around millions of people, and parking in tight spots.  I was glad to hear the voice of my close friends here, and shared a beer with a few of them the other night.  There's a lot I will miss but fortunately there are more things to look forward to.  On this afternoon, I just stood there for a while and thought about everything ahead of me.  Just watching the big skin carp cruise the shoreline.


  1. I cant believe you guys are back in Korea. Hope the kids are able to adjust to the new environment...

  2. Thanks man, family says hi to you and Patti. Come over next spring (or anytime), I'll get things set up here soon and ready for us to play.