Catching up with writing

It's been a while since I posted my last blog.  Quite frankly, I felt like a loner as I was the only one posting until GF settled in and start posting his stories...
Our blog used to be a lot more colorful when eveyone pitched in with stories about different aspect of fishing or none-fishing related articles. 
I guess everyone is busy with their daily lives but I would love to see what is going on with everyone so get off your daily routine once in a while and let us know what is going on.
With that said, let me start with my side of story...

Found this amazing creek in Catskill and fished the hell out of it.

Finally fixed my boat and went out last week and caught a mixed bag of salties.

Most of all, I've been building my quad bamboo rod which will be done fairly soon.  It took forever just to decide which components to use.  I think the most difficult part was to control my urge to wait 24 hours between coats as I decided to wipe-on the varnish.  Currently, I have 3 coats applied and 3 more coats to go.


  1. Great to see you on the salt again. That's where we started fishing together so it always brings back good momories.

    Seems like everyone is busy with life, Jonathan is busy trying to get his fly shop in business, Soboro and I see each other often and he desparately wants to go fishing - and will soon. Lee is busy with the baby, now she's running around. We'll keep it going and I trust that one day our friends will start writing again.

    It started raining here and it wil rain for the next couple of weeks.I'll be in China till middle of next week so I'll catch up after that.

    Miss you bro.

  2. You are the man. When's jellystone?

  3. July 24th to august 4. So ready for the trip