Getting adjusted at Caddis Pension.

Nothing helps family gets adjusted like spending some time near a familar creek.  Took the family out to Caddis pension ( before the monsoon crawls up the peninsula.  Snuck away for a couple of hours in the afternoon to bother some cherry trout.  We'll be here for the next few days, exactly the medicine we need to feel back at home.


  1. Sweet! I'm sure everyone appreciated instead of jumping into city life right away...

    I remember passing by that place with you last time we were at Kang Won Do. They have a nice setup except for their room decor... Reminds me of 70s porn flicks...

  2. ㅋㅋ you know you're in a Korean pension when you have 4 different wallpapers in one room.

  3. Oh by the way, give Seung Jae a big birthday hug for me.

  4. Thanks, I will. We just bought him his first pet, a couple of hamsters for his birthday.

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  6. ㅎㅎ 가족들이 갑작이 도시 생활로 접어드니, 적응하기 힘들어 하는것 같아, 몇이 쉬다 왔습니다. 형도 바쁘시거 좀 지나면 자주 뵈요.

  7. It looks like the caddis pension is gone fishing's favorite family spot. I also been there a few times and I enjoyed the BBQ dinner and fly fishing.