Korean lenok designated endangered species.

As of end of day May 31, 2012 - all lenok in Korea has been designated endangered by the government and all fishing of any kind is off limited for the next three years.  In three years the agency will review the study again and rule if lenok will continue to remain on the list or come off it.  In 2012, the total list of Korean endangered species grew from 221 to 246 species.  The lenok was last on the list in 1996 and they ruled in 1999 that the population was healthy enough to take off the list - which was met with some controversy back then. 

I know it's a good thing for the fish & environment, but damn it - why did it have to happen in the month that I am moving there?  Hopefully the study will show positive results and 3 years and we'll be able to fish for them again.  See you in 3 years ... maybe.

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  1. I may turn into a schwartzfischer soon.

  2. Hay don't worry! We always figure things out. Worst thing is fishing in Han River with a six pack of cold beer.

  3. the irony here is the most immediate threat to these fish is habitat destruction funded by government projects (i know, i know--warming water trends do not help). hopefully this listing will result in some serious habitat restoration/protection. the bonghwa lenok streams/migration corridors are being DESTROYED by channelization and heavy sediment loads. i would accept not being able to fish for lenok if it meant that the streams in which they live receive the dignity they deserve.

  4. Hey Josh - The 4 Rivers project and the environmental damage it caused, continue to cause, and will cause is enormous and we'll soon see the effects in the tributary creeks (soon like this year). I wanted to get with some friends to map out the estimated damage the project will have on trout & lenok in the Kangwon region. Basically a map to show 1) here are the areas where the 4 River project construction occurred & 2) here are the creeks, tribs, waters where the trout & lenok will be affected (migration paths, habitat, other). Please let me know if you know of any good resources we can refer to create such a map, or would like help us create such a map. Thanks.

    warming water trends suck in every way.