Two Seasons Angling...

Well, the trout season will come to an end at the end of this month in Wisconsin. With a lot of overseas travels this year, I didn’t get to visit the WI creeks very much, in fact I can count exactly how many times I’ve been up here. Wisconsin isn’t world famous for trout creeks or nothing, but I’ve fallen in love with the small creeks that’s set in backdrops of small farms. There is something sober & humbling about it, which goes well with the reasons why I like fishing in the first place. So with 10 days left in the 2010 season, I took a stroll up to a creek I’ve never been to – Otter Creek. I've been busy with work all weekend and pulled an all nighter last night, so after a shower & double shot of coffee, I was on the road by 4am.

The early morning was kind of slow with fishing, but I kept myself occupied with taking a good look at the surroundings & all the things that live there. Soon this whole place will be covered in white, and I’ll have to wait till next spring to see all this again. As the sun rose, so did the fish food (insects, bugs) activity, and I started to see a few rises here and there. I caught plenty of smaller fish, and some medium fish. There was a lot of browns and I was happy to see a rainbow among the mix. I was most pleased to catch a creek chub – I haven’t seen this guy in a long while and it brought a smile to my face. The fly in the photo was my go-to fly for the day, everything was caught on that fly.

As I reeled in the line from the last cast, I looked down on my feet and thought that I wished I had spent more time up here. As I drove home, I kept the window open to keep myself from dozing off, and when I looked out – I saw a landscape that was plain & flat – somewhat empty, even sad...and it could not look more beautiful than it did. I drove a little slower to try and implant that image into my heart.

I really like fishing in Wisconsin.


  1. good job fishing otter! there was a fish kill there a few years ago and it was devoid till this spring. most of those fish are plants but the brown looks like a hold over! sorry we missed each other, i fished a stream about 45mi north. I'll post pics soon.

  2. It's a chub!!
    Looks like a kurri.

  3. Forgot to say,
    I really like your article!!!
    Hope to see you soon no matter in Taipei or in Seoul.

  4. mrlee - yes, the Otter was fun, easy to cast & easy to catch. I imagined you were somewhere in the area, can't wait to see what came from those private waters. we should plan something for the steelhead fishing, would love to learn how it's done.

    hank - hey buddy, long time. Are you done with the exams? Hope all is well. Go fish sometime - it's good for the mind and heart.

  5. Yoon ho,
    I'm already done the exam, but still wait for the consequence.
    Hope the consequence is well!!
    I'll let you know if I got the good news.

  6. East coast seasons are longer. come on over.