The Bells

One of the most famous sights in Colorado are the Maroon Bells. The peaks are photographed by people from all over the world. So many come to see them that you cannot drive up to the lake below anymore and you have to take a shuttle bus. I hadn't visited since I was a kid but I remembered the lake. If I went up without a rod and there were fish in the lake I would regret it. I only brought a handful of flies, forceps, and a small rod just in case....

Luckily there were plenty of feisty cutt-throat ready for a fly

We fished below the outlet, then made our way up to the lee side of the lake where we saw fish cruising the shallows looking for food.

Behind us the banks were lined with wild raspberries. We sat on a rock and caught fish and picked berries all afternoon. My wife commented that the cheeks of the fish must be red because they love raspberries too.


  1. Looks like a great day out - and nice fish! The raspberries must be working judging from the color of those cheeks.

  2. i love theories like that – raspberries = red cheeks, snow flakes = white spots on char, rainbows = rainbows.