EFFK: Emergency Fly Fishing Kit

In case of an emergency urge/opportunity to fly fish (but don’t have your gear), keep one of these in your glove compartment or back pack (so you don't go out of your mind). I love buying novel stuff, and I just recently bought the penfishingrod fly combo ( ). The guides are a little bit tight for a fly line, but it works fine with a #2-#3 line and it casts pretty good for short/ medium distances. I had a chance to speak to the owner of penfishingrod, Mr. Anthony Di Pippo, and we spoke about refinements needs as fly set, the fish to be caught, and the other gear from his company I’ll try out (spin reel, longer rod). I like it as my novel back up rod, it will serve it’s need just perfectly. Stay tuned for pictures & video with penfishingrod.

* let me know if you think I missed a critical piece to the EFFK...I have: rod, reel, tippet, leader, forceps, clipper, lead, indicators, fly...


  1. Must have item! I better get one for myself

  2. talking with charles, we thought it might be a good idea to also get the spinning reel for those times when we run into the deep pools where a sinking lure is needed.

  3. Which one is the rod??
    the one looks like a pen??
    I can't see the guide!!!
    I guess I need to have one to check out.
    Nice stuff.

  4. hi hank, it has tiny guides, just enough for a 2-3wt line to fit through and cast. It's $30 bucks for both rod & reel - so I'm happy with what it is. I also think it will be great fun catching fish with it, I'll load photos soon.

  5. The owner of this company is HORRIBLE at customer service. I won't buy the product based on his mean and rude behavior. He told me ever"...You really need to loosen up lady..." and implied everyone from the state I live in is an idiot and many other emails that were just rude....becaused I asked about the return policy.

  6. that is horrible, sorry to hear it. the kit has never really worked out for me, it's just a gadget thing I wanted. don't let things like that get you down for a second, not worth it. Fish and be happy.