500 miles with no fish.

In the past couple of days, I drove nearly 500 miles and still I have no fish photos to show. I went to Pike River, Root River, & Petrified Spring Creeks in search of salmon and there was not enough water flowing yet. It was like arriving at a scheduled party days before it actually started. I went to Otter Creek, Blue River, & Castle Rock Creek in search of trout and there was too much water (which left the water stained). My ipod broke down (probably from dropping it in the water one too many times) but fortunately I had my U2 Joshua Tree album in the CD player. If I have too listen to one CD over and over, this was the correct one to have. A lot of driving, a lot of staring at highways, and plenty of coffee.

Still, I’m pretty sure I’d do it again. Next time, I’ll pay better attention to the water flow charts. I wondered if there's a fly that is better to throw in stained water...I tried the usual but had only one strike all day. I tried dark & light wolly buggers but nothing. When the water is stained, do I go top water or below?...just imagine how many times I thought of such questions all day... too much.

Here, you guys look at some muddy water too.


  1. ahhhh. you should've let me know buddy. I would've sent you to top secret brook trout day saver stream.

  2. thanks mrlee. every man needs one...a day saver stream. A few more days left, then it's Iowa for rest of winter.

  3. I do have one spot in Korea "Mitan Creek".

  4. I learned a few trick today on how to fish stained water...I can't wait to get back stained water to try them out. They are in there, you just have to get the right fly to them at the right depth.