It was one of those days you just want to indulge yourself.  Just wanted to catch some trout so I decided to try one of my favorite creek because I know the creek never failed me before.  Once I arrived at the creek, routinely rigged my rod and started to fish.  The first 1/4 miles or so, I couldn't connect with any trout which is highly unusual. I see them hugging the bottom but no rise.  "Did they get smarter?"  while I was scratching my head, I see a huge shadow move across the creek.  When I looked up I see a huge vulture trying to perch on a tree branch with it's wing flapping.
 Immediately, I see three additional vultures moving tree to tree.  They were all looking right at me as though they were waiting for me to collapse so they can finish me off.  Never seen these birds in this neck of the woods.
 I'm not sure if they are capable of snatching trouts out of the water but the way they were moving around from branch to branch, I figure it will be spooky enough for trout to not feed so I hiked on hoping those massive flying turkey looking bastards will remain where they are.
 As soon as I felt as though there were enough distance from those birds, the creek started to yield some trout for me.

Came very personal with this rattlesnake as I almost stepped on it.  The distinct rattle with aggressive coiling posture made me leave the spot in a hurry.

It was a one of those days I indulged myself.


  1. nicely done charles, you around this weekend? was going to go for some brookies on saturday!

  2. yeah man. I will call you at week's end.

  3. Danger creek. Its like the jungle book.

  4. damn that looks like a big snake. Korean 아저씨 would have bagged that shit and made some wine out of it. You need to get them snake proof boots.

  5. Yes, I did purchase a snake gaiter. It's the third time running into rattlesnakes at this creek.
    I played with that snake with a 6' stick until one hiker screamed "leave it alone!". Thought about flipping that snake at him but that would been messy...