Family vs Passion

Recently, I had a pleasure to host both Patty and my family at the upstate cabin on two different weekends.  I didn't realize how difficult it is to create an itinerary for a large group of people as my typical itinerary for a weekend since I've entered the world of angling doesn't involve anyone but myself and occasionally Patty...  

I think that my fairly new found life style (angling, particularly fly fishing) is a blessing as it is a perfect way to enjoy outdoor which was my passion for as long as I can remember.  I guess it can also be a curse as I've been labeled as "loner" amongst my friends and family as I spend more time chasing trouts

Through recent trips, I was hoping to make up for lack of my attention to my family. I tried very hard planning this trip to let my families know that I still exist and my love for fishing them is still strong.

The strong family bond was felt in the deep forest of the Adirondack, along the hiking trail which runs parallel to a creek ultimately leads to a beautiful waterfalls which seemed damn fishy as I hoped during my planning of this trip for me EVERYONE.

Arrived at the falls just in time for everyone who needed to cool off and have a lunch in presence of awesome waterfall for at least an half hour.
 The half hour is all I had to explore this creek so while my family is having a lunch break, I managed to setup my rod in record time.  "Focus!" said Patty while gave me a stink eye as I was rigging the rod. She already knew what I was up to.  Said to myself "I am honey, I am so focused"

My tyranny was rewarded with beautiful, wild, acrobatic and hungry creatures.  It was the shortest fishing trip I've ever had but I've enjoyed every second of it.
 For the rest of the trip, I didn't get to fish.  However, I had a chance to really enjoy my family's company. A little girl (Noelle) in above picture is my niece.  After our long canoe trip, Noelle whispered in my ear to tell me how she enjoyed being with me.  Made me feel guilty but soon realized that I can help her become youngest fly fisher.  Hmmmm....

I guess with all the busy schedule I've had, I forgot how much I love spending time with my family. This trip definitely made me realize there is nothing more important than pursuing love for your family and your passion. 


  1. awesome, good reminder that I probably need to do more of that myself!

  2. Looks like some good times. I don't believe you about loving your family more than fishing tho;)

  3. Who's kidding who. All you bastards are guilty of such crime as well. All I've thought about during the trip was "ooh! That stream has fish in it. Ahh! this lake definitely contains big fish..."
    Is this a curse?