Early fall fly fishing in Korea....

Headed out to a different creek with Mr. Takahara, Dr. Shin, and Jonathan.  Trips with this group is always fun but it was especially nice with Mr. Takahara, hearing stories about the early days of fly fishing in Japan.  The man is approaching 90 and he's still out there throwing flies and walking the creeks with us, that alone is pretty special.  It was a good day with low overcast and cool fall winds.  It was a perfect day for dry flies, although most of the fish were taken on nymph/wet flies.  Fishing is cool but I always enjoy visiting small Korean towns in the countryside, having a good country meals.  Once it gets a little cooler, I look forward to doing a little steak cooking during the fishing trips.  I sat and prayed to thank the Big Boss upstairs, for this wonderful day among other things.  Fall is soon approaching, probably the best time to fish in Korea, I look forward to the weeks ahead.

I messed around with the filter on the phone camera.  It degrades the quality but it represents this day better.