Spring outing

As the spring is in full swing, Patty and I decided to give our favorite wild trout stream a try.  The weather was as typical as any spring weather should be, rainy with warm breeze air all round us.

 Patty enjoys hiking aspect of fishing more than anyone I know as I heard more "ooohs" and "ahhhs" throughout the whole trip...
 This decent size wild brown was her first catch of the day.
 Patty's first ever tiger trout!  She was amazed about the origin of their species.  Especially within the wild setting.
 Her casting is getting so much better.

 A true form of pocket water fisherman.

 This brookie had a devoured fish in his mouth.  Went after my fly even before he had a chance to digest his previous kill.


  1. great looking trout! were they taking dries?

  2. LQN, all trout were caught with Ausable bomber pattern which I became intimate with, thanks to brk trt of smallstreamreflection. I've noticed that you also follow his blog as well. This pattern worked well for me in co, wy, mt an ca states to my surprise...

  3. Nice, the ausable bomber is a great fly, great for the small fast water streams. Big fan of fran's patterns overall- actually was just tying up some more haystacks and ausable wulffs today. Brk trt has a great blog as well, lots of cool classic patterns that he fishes!

  4. Awesome. Good to see you and Patti are getting out. Eun Ju is real jealous. So am I. Actually went fishing last week, so I should et around to posting pics.

  5. Lee, yeah man, get around to post them pics.

    What is going on that side of the planet? No one is fishing?

  6. It's nice to see some of us back in action. Believe it or not, I've been working like a madman for the past few months, trying to launch a new business. I was thinking - so this is how it feels on the other side... no time to fish and all work. Sitting at the bar and watching glimpses of fishing video is the closest I get to fishing these days so thank you for posting this.