Japanese Amago

This is an amago I caught yesterday in 高知, Japan. It took me a while to take this photo. And stream is damn cold. But the fish is really pretty.


  1. Welcome to Japan and congratulation on getting beautiful Amago.
    I also went for fishing in Yamanashi last weekend and I was lucky to get Amago too.
    Tight lines !!

  2. Hi Hank! Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. I've been swamped in work only dreaming about fishing. Thanks for the beautiful fish. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. Hey Yoon Ho, good to hear from you too. You live in Seoul now right? I thought the life in Seoul will be more relaxed for u than in US. The news is talking the tension of south and north Korea everyday, hope there will be no real conflict. Anyway, u take care and don't forget to find some available leisure time. Hope to see u guys soon in Seoul or in Taipei.

  4. Just came across this blog today and browsed around your site. fantastic posts and i've now added an amago to my to do list in life! looking fwd to your future posts and i've added you to my reading list via