Winter fishing compilation

Seems like I've been doing a lot more fishing than the most of you. (Don't be jealous, especially Eun Joo)  I've been pretty lazy posting during the winter season.  So here it goes...
 This winter was a snowy one.  Hiking and fishing in snow covered mountain brings out the inner peace that is hard to describe.  Especially when you see all kinds of animal tracks on snow, you realize how many wild creatures are prowling the forest besides you.

 This creek in the Catskills is a tiny creek I've found last year and contains abundance of wild trouts.  I was lucky enough to catch this brown as this was the only trout I've caught that day.  Wasn't so abundant on that day....
 My favorite creek in NJ.  This creek never disappoints me as there were many hungry browns were lurking around.

 Took my beloved bamboo rod out from the winter hibernation...

 I think this day was the coldest day as I had to clean out ice chunks from my fishing line after each cast.

I know the life in Seoul can get pretty hectic, but all you guys need to unwind every once in awhile so go out there and fish and don't be lazy like me when it comes to posting your trip.

Tight lines brothers!!!


  1. Lovely pics. I love winter fishing. Not ponds, but icy little creeks are good. I'll post some pics next

  2. Nice, I really enjoy winter fishing too. It's tough but you are guaranteed to have the whole river/stream to yourself. thanks for posting!

  3. I absolutely agree! Solitude is what compels me to go out there in winter.