Streamer Fishing...Continued...

Since my last streamer fishing which was a disaster, I've been occupied with streamer fishing to the point I've dreamed about it a few times.  
 Today was a beautiful sunny day.  The temperature went up to 45 degree. Figured it will be a great day to pick up where I left off.

 This underbite brown was caught with a dry fly.

  Last fish I caught before I switched to a streamer.

 I pulled out about 5 trouts from this pool with a streamer.  I found out that weighted streamer was easier for me to time proper retrieval speed.
 Even a small pool which I will usually ignore produced a hit.
 Rest of the trip was a blast as many more fish was released.  I couldn't believe how effective streamer fishing can be even in small mountain creeks.  I am sure I will have more streamer patterns in my fly box going forward...