Floating fishing shanty

Throughout lakes/ponds in Korea, they have these floating fishing shanties called 수상좌대 (jwha-dae). One can rent one of these shacks for about $70-$100 per day and there are various sizes and levels of facility. They are primarily used for carp fishing (a particular type of carp is target, not the regular carp we commonly see) and they typically have the still water rod set up (without reel). Once you rent one, a boat takes you to your shanty and the shanty does not have a motor attached so you're going to remain where you are. With a phone call, a hot meal or drinks are conveniently delivered to your shanty by boat. I've never actually rented one myself but I am going to as soon as the water breaks from the winter. Unfortunately they are not used for ice fishing (perhaps because of safety issues?) so I'll have to wait till spring. If nothing, it looks like a great place to hang and get drunk.


  1. 요즘 같은때는 그냥 저거나 타고 한 일주일 갔다 왔으면 좋겠다...휴- 머리 아프다.