Favorite fish of the day

A hold over from last year? Found this fish outside of the nets on the reservoir side. Nice rosy cheeks.


  1. That thing looks like its getting ready to spawn! I wonder if he lasted an entire year?

  2. Do they get all colorful like that when ready to spawn? I'm guessing it's a hold over because the lake looks pretty deep so maybe? Or maybe it's just me wanting it to be. I always wonder how much chance a hatchery trout has to survive a summer in a lake. And is there a chance for them to reproduce? It would be cool if they did. I wouldn't mind a trout lake to fish in.

  3. I don't think there's anyway they could reproduce. They would have to swim up that little creek in February. The fry would probably all die when it gets hot, but if there is a spring seep somewhere on the bottom of that lake where they can hang all summer and still get food then they could quite possibly summer over. He's most certainly lost his stocker colors. Start throwing everyone you catch over the barrier when they're not looking!