Winter Sticking

First of all, hope everyone enjoy their Christmas and wish you happy new year.

Ever since I've got into small creek fishing, I have been neglecting larger body of water.  Ken Lock Gorge is one of the finest winter season fishing spot I used to fish during the winter season. So I took my 11' nymphing rod and decided to do some high-sticking yesterday.
 I fished the river slowly working every possible resting spots since the water level is a lot higher than usual.
 Solitude is why I enjoy this particular water.  Only handful of anglers were trying their luck on this day.
 This particular brown went after my fly a several times before I was able to set the hook.  Golden flash it displayed while it was chasing my fly was good enough for me to freeze my toe in one spot for almost 10 minutes...
 A healthy looking stocker who took my fly without any reservation.

Most likely, this will be my last trip of the year. On the way back home,  I've thought about all the things that happened to me this year (mostly bad memories) and how being out on water such as what I've just fished gave me some sort of comforting feeling and clarity.
Hope all of you can find more time to fish in new year as I am certain will.


  1. The place looks perfect...cold, alone, and gray...perfect to reflect on the wild year you've had. Consider it the one year where you got all the bad shit out of the system. Good times ahead for you my friend, I am certain of that.

  2. That pupa fly. I've tied something similar but never really understood how to fish it. You'll have to show me someday soon.

  3. based on my reading, caddis pupa can be fished all year around. During the winter, I like to fish the fly deep (with split shots) with high sticking method. Instead of using strike indicator, I use Czech nymph indicator line I've made with fluorescent color braided backing line (100lb). Shiaaat, I sound like I know what I'm talking about....

  4. I'm impressed that those fish are taking that caddis pupa in december! More proof that flies catch fisherman more than fish. Nice work. Good to see you are getting out and putting some of the bad shit away.
    I found great way to use indicator that I'm excited about trying soon. Check it out:

  5. mrlee, that's a sweet Setup! I never liked how the indicator kink up a line but that is genius!