Winter Sticking - 2

I did a little winter sticking myself today...or should I say winter dipping.  Dipping the fly in the paid trout pond that is.  It was freezing cold but there were more than a few people out.  Yoojung pond has been aggressively marketing themselves lately, stocking fresh fish almost weekly.  I did good today, hooked more than 10 fish...that's good for me since I tend to do bad at these places.  I saw one guy pull up a fish that looked easily over 20"...they call these the super jumbos or something like that.  They stock a few of these big boys each year.  Towards the end I even took out the lure rod to throw a few micro spoons and they worked just as I imagined.  My head hurt from the cold and hands still feel tingly but it was nice way to spend the last morning of the year.

Happy New Years guys.


  1. I wish they have places like that around here...Can you fish in Kangwondo this time around?

  2. This kind of a place is great with some friends. They have a small restaurant attached where they make 김치찌개, 닭도리탕, and of course where you can drink. Fish a little, drink a little, then fish some more. There are some waters still open in Kangwon but I've been lazy to drag myself out there these days. I have the kids at home for their winter break so I have to keep them occupied in order to keep their mom going nuts. As I was skiing last week I wished there was an activity like - cross country & ice fishing combo. I'd be into that.

  3. Like I said, I wish there are place like that around here....

    Thinking about visiting you in April or May. Let's set something up.