Last days of December

Stop: smoking, using cold as excuse to not fish, buying fancy sketch books, making flies that look good in pictures.
Continue: drinking, fishing with my kids, taking new people fishing,  keep an open mind about things.
Start: making more camp fires, writing/ drawing more, finishing projects that I started, being honest about how much I also love lure fishing.
Happy New Year Friends.  I miss you.


  1. Hope you and your lovely family had a great Christmas! Happy new year my lure fishing loving friend!!!

  2. We're doing a lot of skiing this year which is keeping from fishing but kids love it and it's a nice to just cruise down the hill. Happy holidays to you and Patty, wishing you a warm and dry new year.

  3. Happy new year to you guys. Hope fishing is good next year

  4. Happy New Year Lee. It's crazy that we haven't hooked up here. I am almost always on for drinks or fishing. Let's get in touch.