Paid trout ponds...

Winter will arrive soon and the catch ponds have already started their winter trout business. (fall & winter is trout, other months are native carp). While most of the trout ponds run a pretty basic business, some (YuJung, JangKwang) have new ownership and are more active improving their conditions. They are all catch and release (barbless only, no fish handling) and with recent season openings, the trout are reported to be very active. I've never been a big fan of paid trout ponds, and I find myself pretty bored after first 1-2 trout. The ponds are usually pretty crowded with people and there's a lot of chit chat with people you meet there (which is reason why some people go). Still in the deep winters I'll go a few times, just to remember what it feels like to have a fish at the end of the line. It's also relatively close to the city so it's perfect for a afternoon drive. I wonder if other countries have such paid ponds, other than Japan which I know has it. I've recently heard of salt water ponds similar to this and that sounds a little more interesting to me. To be clear, I don't dislike the ponds for any grand philosophical reasons, I just get bored easily. I wished there were paid ponds which looked a little more closer to a natural setting, but I'm sure that won't make enough return on investment for the owners.  Right about now is when I start to miss the small spring creeks in WI.

See you at the paid trout ponds... or not. Oh hell I don't know.


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