1 hour...

I've been on the road in Asia, recently spending a lot of time visiting factories in China. As productive as these trips are, they keep me away from the autumn creeks, and I miss it very much. This recent trip wasn't so bad because I spent some time in WuJhang (near Shanghai) where I got to see the canals that sprawl throughout the old neighborhoods.  The water seemed surprisingly clean, considering that it ran through neighborhoods...or that's what it seemed like driving past it from some distance.  It's only been a night since I've arrived back in Seoul, but when I woke up this morning ... I knew I was going fishing.  It took some maneuvering this morning to get out of the house, as the family had a bunch of things piled up for me to take care of.  Still by 9am I broke free and was on the road. 

It was too late to head to the stream in Kangwon, and so I headed toward the secret creek that's supposed to be an hour from Seoul.  Even among the fishing friends (Soboro in particular) it took some prying to get info on this stream.  I've also been told this creek holds no fish, or very little.  When you hear info like that, you have to wonder - is it a smoke bomb to keep people away or does it mean that people fished the shit out of it, so there's nothing left... whatever the case, I was going to go stand in this creek today, mind made up.  The creek really is just over an hour away at normal speeds.  I think I can do it in 45min if I push the pedal a little harder.  I went through the normal first time procedures on the new spot... parking the car in few different places, wondering if I am at the right entry point....changing flies every other cast because I'm not sure what takes here ... and even forcing conversations with farmers who were too busy to stand around for a chat.  There are plenty of hikers going up and down the mountain and so you have to become used to being watched.  I get a little self conscious when there is group of ajumas standing around watching.  I swear I thought I heard one of them say - "aw- see - he needs to casting side arm and do a better job at mending that line". 

At some point, I stood there and rated the stream ... "it's a great spot considering it's such short distance away from Seoul, but I wouldn't call it a prime creek.  It's only big enough for two anglers max and this creek doesn't have enough large pools".  But then almost instantly I thought - "what the hell am I saying?  I am standing in a creek, chasing fish, and only an hour away from the city!" I remembered a picture of a sign I saw somewhere... If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough.

I was lucky enough to fish today.


  1. good to see you back in the game. We are in peak season for stripers out here and will try my luck this coming saturday at the Montauk. Let's talk soon.

  2. I've been caught up with life stuff for weeks, man it was good to have a chance to stand in the water. I can't wait to see your photos, them big fish. Fall is here...the trout ponds have opened, next week is 추석, and the morning air is starting to feel crisp. I hope all is well back in the East Coast, talk soon brother.