A Grayling from River Dove.

Joh Spilsbury of the Salford Friendly Angling Society sent us photo of a beautiful grayling. An excerpt from his elegant email...

"Not my first grayling by a long chalk, but rather special, because the River Dove was much beloved by Isacc Walton, considered by many to be the father of angling, after writing his very famous book "The Complete Angler" way back in about 1650. I thus consider myself very privileged to have caught a grayling from Isaac's River. The river is still, to this day, much revered by trout and grayling anglers. The fish is the species commonly found in Europe (Thymallus thymallus). Not the same as the North American grayling, but very closely related. The fish is a male, 1 pound 11 ounces, and absolutely gorgeous"

John, thank you for the photo and the history. I hope that I will find one of these magnificent fins at the end of my line.

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