Dr. Shin’s hometown.

Yesterday was Mr. Bae’s birthday, so Dr. Shin, Mr. Bae, and I took the afternoon off to go fish Mr. Bae’s hometown. It’s about a 2 hour drive from Seoul, but well worth the ride. The water was pretty high from the 4 days of nonstop rain, but the creek was still fish-able, an occasional rainbow aggressively taking big mayfly & caddis flies. Yesterday’s trip was more focused on eating really great country food, and that’s quite alright with me. Prof. Huh joined us for dinner. We sat around and discussed the future of the club, current issues, and the upcoming overseas trip. Coming back into Seoul past midnight, it was warming to see the shop light still on and EunNu still waiting for us. This was a great afternoon.

Happy 65th Birthday, Mr. Bae – stay healthy, happy, and addicted to fishing!


  1. the food looks great and so does the stream Happy Birthday!

  2. mrlee - we have to fish in Korea someday soon. There's a lot of different streams with very different characters.