What can I ask for more?

On Saturday afternoon out of blue, my girl friend and I decided to drive to eastern part of Korea to get some fresh air and possibly throw a few flies. Because of nice weather on Saturday, there were many cars on the road heading towards the same direction as we were heading. With all those cars, we were so cool and relaxed, stop by a few gas stop to get food and coffee. About 6 O’clock in the evening when the sky was starting to getting dark, we arrived near one creek that I remembered that I stop by many months ago. We both change quickly and headed towards the water in hurry. I don’t know why, it just seemed home being in the creek. It must be because I enjoy being in the creek so much listening to clear water, walking on the creek rocks, and inhaling refreshing air. When I arrived near the water, I tied one white parachute and threw toward one spot. As soon as it landed on the surface of flowing water, I got one good size trout. What can I ask for more?


  1. I can't think of anything more...sounds like you had an awsome trip. 형, 산천어 이쁘다, 그리고 꽤 크다. 많이 잡아.

  2. maybe me and gone fishing...

  3. that's right. 요즘 아주 게인 플래이가 많아졌어요.