Wild Trout Grand Slam + chub

With a nasty hangover from the night before, I wasn't sure if the fishing will be an agenda for the day but with some strong self persuasion, I was able to get my butt out of the bed and able to make a quick trip to nearest wild trout creek. I haven't fished here since last year but I felt right at home as soon as I got to the creek and took a first step into the creek.

The creek contained many eager trout.  All three species competing for my flies.  I didn't have to be selective with my flies.  As always for this time of the year, the ausable bomber did the trick.  

It was interesting to note that the most of rainbows took my fly with very quick but almost sipping at my fly where as browns and brookies did exact opposite creating huge rutgers.


Due to my condition, I had to call it a quit early but I was glad to be out.


  1. Charles. You, your trip reports keeps me sane these days. I dont get to fish, its sad but friends like you keep me in touch with whats really important in life. Thanks buddy.

    1. I feel you brother! I can't imagine living and working in Seoul without some relaxation mixed in. Hope to see you in one of those beautiful creek soon...