Spreading good things

A good friend of mine always wanted to learn how to fly fish but his busy schedule and a baby never allowed him to do so.  His wife is traveling with the baby which gave him a rare window of opportunity to explore my favorite creek with me this Saturday.  It was a bright sunny day but finding shaded pools wasn't a problem for us.

My friend used to compete in freestyle frisbee championships.  As a result, his heightened hand and eye coordination helped him tremendously to understand and learn the principal of casting .  After a quick lesson, he was swinging the rod with tight loops. 

My friend did the most of fishing but watching him improve and actually CATCHING was exciting enough for me to suppress my urge to swing the rod.

With the willing trout, we had a blast but more than anything, sharing good thing with your friend always is a moment to cherish.


  1. Nice, always good to pay it forward! looks like a great day!

    1. It sure was! Watching someone improve based on your influence can be exhilarating. Who knew...