Tributary waters

Before I injured my back, I was planning on exploring the lesser-known streams of Catskills. Often times, in pursue of bigger fish, I tend to ignore all the tributary waters of Catskills which known to hold wild trouts, particulary brookies. Since, alot of these tributaries are located in high altitudes, it is perfect hatbitat for brookies. This saturday, I've ventured out to 3 tributaries of well-known Catskills rivers.

Due to continuing drought of NE area, all the waters were very low. However, the brookies were willing to take anything I throw at them. They weren't being picky at all since these waters have not been pressured by anglers at all. I guess, to most of people, these waters are nothing more than tributary water to their main fishing waters. I am glad that these waters are not being pressured at all.

My back is aching but after achieving the grand slam (rainbow, brown and brook) of wild trouts, I can endure the pain at least psychologically...


  1. It doesn’t get more awesome than this, thanks for a beautiful report. Discovery and sometimes rediscovery of a familiar place can be wonderful. Nice underwater shot. Rest the back, looking forward to seeing more. Take care friend.

  2. A lot of this creeks are located along side of trials. You can actually camp out there and fish. I've ran into some hikers but not a single angler. What a pleasant surprise.

  3. it'd good to see. every angler I seem to meet from the east coast talks about how the water is so "crowded". I know this is usually because they only fish famous rivers and places you can drive up to in a car. Where I come from in Colorado is the same after you walk a few kilometers you never see another person!

  4. I know Lee. Every pockets of water I found was like a treasure hunt. I was giggling like a little girl the whole time.