Getting into the routine

Arrived in Oahu and busy settling the family in for the summer. Got out this morning for a couple of hour to re check the old fishing spots near Honolulu, threw a line to get accustomed to the wind. Spotted a few bone fish too distant to reach with my poor cast, didn’t hook up with any. I was mostly checking out the situation this morning and wasn’t trying – still, found a smaller fish at the end of the line in the shallows. Getting into the routine...


  1. 그냥 부러울따름... Have a good time with your family, Gone Fishing.

  2. Yoonho,
    don't forget to show us some photos of bonefish!!!
    Have a good time!!

  3. looks like that poor guy would get a belly ache from that big meal.

  4. I will try.. to catch some bone fish. According to the local fly shop, the tide has not been cooperative the past few days. Need to head out at sunrise and there's a short window before sunset. I saw some really big ones today, and I'll find them at the end of my line tomorrow… also found a new spot that is very promising. Lizard fish, they say they are known to bite off more than they can chew.

  5. the fish is so....cute.
    Yoonho, I need bonefish's photos..............................................