Winter wonderland

This winter was long and brutal.  I can't remember the last time we've had this much of snow.  For this reason, I 've wondered how this weather will effect the trout that reside in mountain surroundings.  Since our last trip to the Patagonia, I've been waiting for a window of opportunity to look into my watery friends and finally I had a chance to do so this weekend.
Temperature rose to 50 degree and very sunny.  Surprisingly thick snow is still covering the area.  Packed snow made it easy to climb in and out of the creek beds.

Tiny stoneflies were everywhere which made my fly selection easy. 

Small black bodied caddis fly did great job bring them up.  The strikes were subtle.  It was more of sip then take.  First few "sips" went unnoticed as I was expecting something more exciting.

Although harsh winter restricted my fishing opportunities but ones I could get out of it was priceless.  One can't never get tired of this view and solitude you can get from the setting.


  1. Love those little black stones crawling on the snow. Will always remind me of the season opener in Wisconsin.

  2. You will get back in the game soon enough...

  3. is it spring yet? glad you got out!

    1. I ask that question everyday Long. It was a beautiful day to be out.