Day 2

Malleo River
When we arrived to the Malleo river, I was immediately connected to this river.  It had a lot of resemblance to the waters I fish back home but much bigger in size. Known as one of the best dry fly river in the world. The source of the water is fed from melted snow from the central Patagonia's impressive peak, Lanin Volcano.    
However, unlike it’s neighboring bigger rivers, it’s a lot smaller and, at least for me, a perfect trout stream as it is filled with pocket waters, riffles, pools, flats, and cut banks.  An angler can experience all kinds of fishing style and eager trout will reward you.  
After a short hike along the river, we were able to find our first fishing spot.  Patty was paired up with Travis and I with Gabriel.  We would skip a beat or two so that each other can fish all the way through without interference. From my understanding all streams and stream banks are public domain in Argentina.

Hopper dropper with a little spinner were used to fish as the beautiful pools and undercut banks accompanied by strong wind were ideal for such setup. 
This river, just as any rivers around here, supports healthy population of wild rainbows and browns and they weren't shy and going after the both flies with aggression.  I guess they were deprived from eating from the recent water level rise.
Although strong wind continued throughout the trip, willow trees provided enough protection for us to catch plenty of trout.  It was a mixed bag of rainbows and browns.

We didn't get to explore the river as much as we would like to due to high water level and the wind but I can easily see that this river can be a haven to an angler and offers all arrays of fishing experience as different sections of rivers from what I told is very distinct from one another.  
Since we have a long two days ahead of us, we decided to retire around 5pm.  Also, from all the casting against heavy wind yesterday took a toll on our body as well.
This condor's wingspan can reach to 10 feet!


  1. Que bueno trabajo Patti. Tu tenga una pesca grande!

    1. mucho gracias -Patty
      Stop using Google translation - Charles