2014 -1

I couldn’t resist the recent warm front of weather and went out to my favorite creek this Sunday. I was hoping to see snow covered creek but recent heavy rain along with the warm temperature melted all the snow we’ve had and created an angry condition.  I’ve never seen this creek with the water level so high which is exact opposite condition from my last visit.
With raging water flow, it was hard to find spots to fish let alone wade through it. Only banks and eddies were targeted but because of so many submerged tree branches, I must have went through dozen flies. 
Every spot had to be identified from a distance as I couldn't hike along the bank which was difficult but gave me different view of the creek I’m so fond of.
I lost more fish than the ones I brought in to take a snapshot due to gentle hook set as I was afraid to apply my normal pressure after losing so many flies.  However, those ones I was lucky enough to take a picture was rewarding enough to be out on a beautiful warm winter day. 


  1. Salivating from my groin parts.

    1. May your ball juice over flowing once you move back Lee.

  2. Wow that's a lot of water in that stream. Beautiful wild browns

  3. Long, as difficult as it was for me to fish, it was very rewarding to be out there.