Catskills exploration

Patty spent more time fishing in NJ than any other places.  However, she always enjoyed fishing in Catskills.  After our last trip to our favorite NJ creek, she wanted to fish in the Catskills, she also wanted to try a place she hasn't fished before.  I thought neversink gorge will be a perfect place to reintroduce her to what the Catskills has to offer to an angler. 
 Her footstep looks more like marching.
 Lone trillium on the trail.
 We had the river to ourselves as we haven't seen anyone on the trail nor on the river.

 Her first catch of the day.
 She thoroughly enjoyed what the unique area had to offer.
 I've always wanted to try out this small brook that feeds into the river which is known to be the habitat for brook trouts.  I've packed 6 feet 1wt rod for the occasion and I was glad that I did as the brook contained many eager trouts.

 Since the brook is situated in the gorge, water ran fast on steep terrain.
 Patty had no problem hiking through rough terrain and rewarded with many beautiful colored brookies.

I am very proud of Patty's ability to learn the sport and also feel very lucky to have a wife who can enjoy my passion along side of me.


  1. A picture perfect moment. It's so cool to see Patty out there enjoying fishing with you. It's also cool to see you patiently guiding her to become your fishing partner. An investment I haven't been fully able to do yet, but should. Enjoy spring!

  2. That's a good looking couple on a beautiful spring day. sigh.

  3. investment indeed! her excitement also motivates me as well. Lee, the summer is around the corner, you get to do your thang in colorado with eun ju. maybe we should do the couple thing this summer.

  4. Nice! hands down the neversink is my favorite river. Tons of fly fishing history there and the trout always treat you well. Glad you had a nice time there.