Meanwhile at Rainbow...

Rainbow Fly Shop continues to grow into one of the finest shops in Asia.  Like most things in life, the one in the driver's seat makes a huge difference.  Jonathan - thanks for keeping the fire alive.  more at:  

Jonathan & Dr. Shin's Mongolia trip

Jonathan, Dr. Shin and a few other friends took that long awaited trip to Mongolia.  I am still waiting to see them to hear all about the trip.  I called up Jonathan to ask-  what's it like when the taimen takes the fly? and he responded "you forget that it's a fish at the end of the line for a minute - it feels like you have an animal that takes it".  Looks like an epic trip. 

It's been a while....

With a new job that requires all of my time, I've been kept away from the streams.  It's a little like holding my breath for a really long time.  I can imagine how one can even lose their way back to the streams, sometimes letting months and even years go by.  I hope to find my way back from all of this but raising two kids and supporting a family requires some giving in, which I am happy to do.  I took a mini break back in spring, here are the late photos. 

November in the Land of the Giants

A quick dispatch from New Orleans and Plaquemines Parish.  After fishing in Florida, Texas, and South Carolina, it's become quite apparent that this region, hands down, is the best place to sight fish for enormous redfish.

My fishing buddy Ping and I always stay at the Woodland Plantation, which is the same mansion that was featured on the Southern Comfort label for many years.  The Southern cuisine at Woodland is outstanding.

The fried alligator and grilled oysters at Cochon (New Orleans) weren't too shabby either!

Our guide, Cody Cash, put us on some enormous reds.  Yes, I caught that sea turtle on a fly.  Long story.

On to the main event...

In a location Cody called "Donk Town", we were surrounded by hundreds of gigantic redfish and black drum quietly finning around the boat... A surreal experience punctuated by screaming fly reels.

We've already booked our trip next season in the Land of the Giants.